Sergio Perez has bucked the trend of criticising the FIA's decision to award double points for next season's F1 finale in Abu Dhabi, suggesting that it will make for a more interesting end to the year.

While the decision is likely to keep both championship battles open for longer, critics have pointed to artificiality of putting extra value on a single race, emphasising the impact a DNF - possibly a driver's only one of the season - could have if it happens at Yas Island.

Perez, who moves from McLaren to Force India for 2014, sees things a little differently, perhaps aware that an increased points haul from the finale could have a bigger impact on his overall position in the middle of the pack.

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"I think it's definitely a change of the rules that will have a big impact on how you finish the season - for some it will be right, for some it will be wrong," he rightfully noted, "But I look on the positives - I think it will create a better final race when things can change completely in the constructors' and drivers' championships. Obviously one race will matter a lot more on your final result, but it can go both ways for anyone. I'm okay with the rule, I would say."

Confident that Force India can return to its early 2013 form next season, the 23-year old insists that he is only looking forward, refusing to dwell on the split from McLaren, which came late enough in the season to threaten his chances of landing a decent ride for 2014. Revealing that there was an immediate rapport with Force India boss Vijay Mallya, Perez believes that the move to a new team, even with an all-new line-up behind the wheel, can be the boost his career needs.

"For me, there is no point looking back," he insisted, "I want to look forward and then to be able to say after one year that it was the best thing that happened to me, leaving McLaren to join Force India.

"It's a great opportunity for my career and I'm looking forwards. In the past, you can argue that the speed was not there, that the car was not there, you can argue many things, but, in the end, I want to say thank you to McLaren for the opportunity they gave me. They definitely made me a better driver and people will be surprised what I can do in the car in 2014."

Asked how he felt that he had improved during his year at Woking, where he spent the majority of the season playing catch-up in an inferior car, Perez claimed that his all-round game is better that it was when he left Sauber for McLaren a year ago.

"[It's] the whole package - F1 is all about the package you bring as a driver, not just the speed," he explained, "The speed, for me, has always been there, but other aspects, on the technical approach, have been really positive. People will be surprised by what I can do in 2014."