Romain Grosjean insists that his decision to make use of psychologist isn't a sign of weakness and more an indication of improved strength.

The Frenchman took noticeable steps forward this season as he looked to get rid of a reputation for being quick, but also wild on the back of a number of incidents in recent seasons.

As part of his desire to improve, Grosjean has been working with a psychologist over the course of the season and he insisted it had played a key role in his improvements on track.

"She's used to working with very high-level athletes, almost all the French Olympic champions have been working with her," Grosjean was quoted by Sky Sports. "Sometimes we speak about some things, other times other (things) - it really depends where you are and what you need to work on.

"That's why I started - because I was clever enough to think that I needed help. It's not a proof of weakness; it's more a strong point. You can always improve yourself and that's why I still work with her right now once a week. It's either a phone call or I go to meet her and then we speak.

"I don't think the focus has been a problem but sometimes I've wanted to 'dance quicker than the music' like at Monaco this year. I missed the weekend completely because I wanted to go too fast for where we are.

"Being in the right time, doing the rights things and managing the pressure sometimes; managing the stress when it comes on for some reason and knowing why and how."

Grosjean added that he planned to continue using the services of his psychologist again next year, when he will become Lotus team leader alongside Pastor Maldonado.

"I'll continue it for a while because I do think you can always improve yourself," he said. "I do think it makes me a better man at home and a better driver as well. It makes my life much easier; seeing how people around you are acting as well helps you understand and face yourself.

"Then, as well, being ready to be a number one and a World Champion, which is not that easy at the end."


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