Daniel Ricciardo says he is confident about what he can achieve when he makes the move to Red Bull for the 2014 F1 season, with the Australian insisting that he plans to let his driving do the talking next year.

The Australian will replace countryman Mark Webber as team-mate to four-time champion Sebastian Vettel next season as he makes the switch from Toro Rosso, with many expecting big things from the 24-year-old when he steps into a top car for the first time.

Ricciardo himself however insists he isn't getting carried away with the move and said he was confident in his ability, even if he refused to be drawn on what he expects to achieve against the defending champion.

"You know what they say, talk is cheap," he told ESPN. "So I'm not going to say I'm going to beat him and that's it, but all I can say is that I have confidence in myself and until I go up against him like-for-like and on the same day I really don't know how good I am in comparison to him.

"I know I'm going up against a very strong kid but I have faith that I can give him a bit of a push. We'll soon find out - hopefully I'm not a second off; that would suck! I'll try to see what he's doing that's so special."

Ricciardo makes the move to Red Bull at a time when F1 is bringing in wide-ranging new engine regulations, and he admitted that the change would benefit some drivers more than others.

"You're probably going to find that the more disciplined drivers are going to cope better; the guys who are able to stop the car a bit more in the corner and straight-line the exit," he said. "So not combining the throttle too much with the slip of the tyre and killing the tyre. From what we understand the tyres are going to be much harder next year, so they can probably tolerate a bit more of that."