Former Ferrari driver Eddie Irvine has hailed Sebastian Vettel's record as 'amazing', although he adds that if he really wants to prove he is the best he will need to win with a different team.

Irvine has never been afraid to speak his mind and let rip this week in the Belfast Telegraph, saying he feels that the decision to bring in double points for the final race of the 2014 F1 season is 'embarrassing and insane' and he also criticised Lewis Hamilton for 'losing the plot' and 'going too showbiz'. Vettel also got the 'Irvine treatment' with the Irishman adding that just staying at Red Bull and winning trophies is 'boring'.

Asked if Vettel is now in the same league as his former Ferrari team-mate Michael Schumacher - the only man to have won seven F1 Drivers' titles, Irvine replied: "Vettel's record is amazing, though he has kept the best car pretty much every year, which Michael didn't have.

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"The one thing about Michael was when he won his first two championships he felt 'this is boring, I'm going to go to Ferrari and re-build Ferrari' and that was very admirable. He struggled there for four years before he won another championship. Vettel just staying at Red Bull winning trophies is boring. I don't see what he's trying to prove.

"Okay, he's going to collect a lot of championships, but you know what, who cares?"

As for if he keeps in touch with anyone in the F1 paddock, Irvine unsurprisingly isn't looking back.

"I pretty much do my own thing. I don't really keep in touch with anyone. Kimi Raikkonen rings me the odd time when he's drunk!" Irvine remarked.