David Coulthard has predicted that Kimi Raikkonen will 'have too much for Kimi Raikkonen' when the pair line up together with Ferrari for the 2014 F1 season.

Raikkonen rejoins the Scuderia next year from Lotus to join forces with the two-time champion as Ferrari looks to fight for championship honours next year, with the pair forming what looks set to be a potentially explosive driver line-up.

Questions have been raised about how Alonso will react to having the 2007 champion at his side, but Coulthard said he expected the Spaniard to have the edge on track.

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"I believe that, over a season, Alonso will have too much for Raikkonen," he told the BBC. "As for how Alonso will respond on the occasions Raikkonen is quicker, well, there were times when he was out-qualified by Massa and he was fine with it.

"It might be that he had the comfort zone of knowing he was a better racer, but there were some races in which the team could have moved Massa out of the way sooner, but didn't. And there were races when they didn't move him out of the way at all. We did not hear the radio transmissions but Alonso seemed to handle that okay. So I keep an open mind on that situation.

"The key factor will be Ferrari's overall performance. They may continue to be not quite there. On the other hand, if they have finally sorted out the problems with their wind tunnel at at Maranello and have done a decent job with the new power-train, Ferrari could be a major surprise in 2014."

Coulthard did concede however that he felt there were times in 2013 when Alonso leaving Ferrari was a realistic possibility.

"Red Bull's success destabilised Ferrari and led to a sticky period in relations between the team and Alonso," he said. "I can't know for sure but I do believe there is substance to the reports that his management were looking around other teams in the summer.

"Whether that's because it's the right thing to do or out of a genuine desire to move, it doesn't show a happy marriage."