Lewis Hamilton says he is confident that Mercedes has the 'best people' to be able to challenge for success in the 2014 F1 season.

New engine regulations are set to provide a fresh challenge next year, with many believing that the eventual champions will prove to be the team that has been able to deal with the change to the 1.6 litre turbo-charged units the quickest.

Mercedes are widely expected to have one of the strongest engines on the grid next year with the powerplant having been in development for some time and Hamilton said he was sure his team would get it right.

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"I feel confident with what the guys are doing although you just never know what's going to happen," he told Sky Sports. "The engine's going to be difficult for people. There's going to be blow-ups next year I'm sure all around and how we manage that is going to be key.

"But I feel that I have the best group of people to be able to do that."

Hamilton's first season with Mercedes saw him take a single win in Hungary en-route to fourth in the championship standings, but the Briton insisted he had 'grown' in his first year away from McLaren.

"I've grown a lot over the last years, particularly this year," he said. "It would [previously] take me days to get over a kind of race like Abu Dhabi, but [now] I get over it immediately and move on.

"In the moment, while you're right in front of the camera, it looks like I am really hard on myself. I am naturally, and I'm really thinking about it days after, but I'm [soon] over it and want to get to the next race."