Former F1 champion Alain Prost admits that the 2014 season promises to be fascinating, and has suggested it is the first year for some time where he would like to be back behind the wheel himself.

Prost, winner of the title on four occasions during his career, admitted he was excited by what is to come in a season that will feature a change in F1's engine regulations, with new 1.6 litre turbo-charged engines being brought in to replace the power units used in recent seasons.

Speaking to Autohebdo, the 58-year-old said he felt the changes would be good for the sport and would restore some of the competition that has been missing in recent years.

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"The new change is fascinating for me," he said. "It will be different, but I don't feel it will be negative. We are going back to the essence of competition, which I think we had lost a little bit.

"In recent years, it has been difficult to see who had the best engine. In 2014, the best combination of chassis and engine will be the one that gets the results.

"Over the past few seasons, I've never said 'It would be nice to drive again'. However, in 2014, I would really have liked to."