Buoyed by finishing tenth in last season's F1 constructors' championship, Marussia needs to strive for another improvement in 2014.

That is the belief of team principal John Booth, who oversaw the Banbury team's defeat of back-of-the-grid rival Caterham in 2013. Although neither squad scored a point - and remain scoreless for their entire four-year history - their battle went right to the wire in Brazil, just as it had the season before.

Although eligible for prize money for the first time, Booth reckons that there are other benefits to finishing tenth.

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"There isn't that much difference [in prize money], there really isn't," he told ESPN, "The cash side of it is not insignificant, but the boost that it's given to everybody is the biggest plus."

Despite the 'morale' victory, however, Booth has called on his team to step up and post another improvement in 2014, when F1's playing field is levelled slightly by the introduction of new engine, powertrain and aerodynamic rules

"I think we've improved operationally, year in, year out," he confirmed, "We look like a proper F1 team, we operate like a proper F1 team; pit stops we're very good at, and all the basics [are sound too].

"Although the positions throughout the year were not that different compared to the year before, percentage-wise we were much closer to the front and I think we finished a couple of races on the same lap as the leaders. But we need to move forward again. We need to push on."

Marussia has already re-signed 2013 rookie Jules Bianchi for a second season, and remains linked to Max Chilton who, if confirmed, would recreate an unchanged line-up for the first time in the team's short history.