Mark Webber has hit out at owners in the top flight of English football and suggested they would do well to follow the example set by his former Red Bull Racing team.

Cardiff City are amongst the teams to have dismissed their manager in recent weeks after a highly public fall out between team boss Malky Mackay and owner Vincent Tan.

Writing in a blog on the Sportlobster website, the Australian said the situation at Cardiff was one was a further example of an approach that is 'damaging for the fans but [also] for the sport as a whole', pointing out that football club owners would do well to look at the approach of Red Bull when it comes to gaining success.

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"It's easy to assume that a racing driver operates without as much reliance on leadership but that's not always the case," he said. "In Formula One you have a team of over 500 staff so good management and good delegation is very important. In my opinion Red Bull have proved that continuity is king.

"The policy at Red Bull is to have very little turnover of staff and drivers. Constant reshuffling in F1 is probably even more damaging than football as it's so inefficient and expensive.

"On paper, apart from Adrian Newey, Red Bull didn't start with many big names. Their philosophy was not to poach people from rival teams but to build up from the bottom. Now many of the Red Bull guys are sought after by everyone else. Much of the success is down to unsung heroes who most people will never even hear about.

"Some of the emerging owners in football could benefit from a steady long-term vision much like that of Red Bull. Lasting success doesn't come overnight."

Webber will leave F1 for this season having made the decision to move into sportscars with Porsche.