Bernie Ecclestone has apparently stepped up his interest in preserving the future of the Nurburgring, amid reports that he has made a bid to acquire the historic venue.

The 83-year old, who faces bribery charges in Germany, expressed an interest in buying the 'Ring complex last summer, when it appeared that bankruptcy proceedings could see the estate sold off, at the risk of losing one of the most iconic circuits - the Nordschleife - to developers.

That initial interest from F1's head man seemed to dissipate almost as soon as it became public, but Ecclestone is quoted by various German publications as saying that he expects a quick response to a renewed bid.

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"We have made an offer and now we wait to learn whether it will be accepted," he told Handelsblatt, " There are one or two other interested parties, but we believe that we can do more for the race track than anyone else, [and] an agreement could be reached as soon as the next few weeks."

The Nurburgring's financial woes - the result of ambitious development plans that never reached their expected potential - combined with Hockenheim's own reluctance to host the German Grand Prix on an annual basis to throw one of the world championship's mainstays into doubt, despite the ongoing success of Sebastian Vettel. The 'Ring was official placed in administration last year, but Ecclestone appears determined to keep Germany on the schedule, even if it means acquiring another venue in a portfolio that has, over the years, included the likes of Paul Ricard and Istanbul Park.

"We want to make sure there is an F1 race in Germany every year in the future," he insisted, "but we will only pay what we believe the Nurburgring is worth."