Bernie Ecclestone has insisted that his proposal to award double points for the final race of the 2014 F1 season will go ahead, despite earlier suggesting that the rule could be ditched before the campaign gets underway.

The commercial rights holder revealed before Christmas that the controversial plans could be scrapped, with the proposal having been widely condemned by fans and drivers alike.

Ecclestone has now insisted however that there is no chance that the regulations will be changed and that double points will indeed be offered for the Abu Dhabi season finale.

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"It will happen for sure," he told Autoweek. "I didn't say it will get vetoed. Nobody can veto it. It has been approved by the Formula One Commission. It has been approved by the World Council."

Ecclestone added that he still hoped to see the matter discussed by F1's strategy group this month but with a focus on extending the agreement beyond just one race.

"I have got it on the agenda for the next meeting," he said. "I want to start three races again. Three races is more difficult. If everybody that has entered the championship agrees we could do it now. We need unanimous agreement with the teams that have entered the championship."

Ecclestone, who will meet with Jean Todt and the teams later this week for talks, with the double points issue set to be one of the topics discussed.