Kimi Raikkonen has said he doesn't think that the technical changes being introduced into F1 for the 2014 season will have the major impact that some of his rivals have predicted.

This season will see F1 introduce new 1.6 litre turbo-powered engines featuring energy recovery systems, while revised aerodynamics are also set to provide a radically different appearance to the cars on track.

With new rules on the amount of fuel that can be carried in races, speculation has suggested that drivers could be forced to amend their driving styles but Raikkonen said he didn't think that much would be needed in the way of change.

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"My feeling is that it's not going to be as different as people think, but I might be wrong," the Finn said in a video released by Ferrari having had chance to try the new car on the simulator. "Hopefully we'll find out that it's pretty simple. For sure it is difficult for all the technical people to make a new engine, new gearbox, all this stuff, but as a driver it's not affecting the driving so much I don't think.

"We have new buttons and new things to follow, but let's wait and see. It'll be much easier to say after the first test."

Raikkonen rejoins Ferrari on the back of two impressive seasons with Lotus, and at a time when the Scuderia is seeking to bounce back from a tough 2013 to challenge for the title.

While it remains to be seen how well the team has come to terms with the new rules, Raikkonen said he was confident of being in the mix for honours as he looks to chase a second championship title.

"It's the only thing that you try to do - to win the championships," he said. "Hopefully as a team we can do that.

"It's going to be a long and difficult season, especially with the new rules. It's hard to say who is where and how it's going to be, but there are a lot of good people in the team, a lot of knowledge. We have to do the best (we can) and see where we end up.

"But there's every chance that we can do very well."