The McLaren F1 team has announced the successful completion of crash testing with its 2014 contender, paving the way for the car to join pre-season testing.

While it has yet to confirm whether or not it will be present at Jerez for the opening four-day session next week, the Woking squad tweeted that its MP4-29 had successfully negotiated the FIA's mandatory safety inspection, at least meaning that it was track-worthy even if the team is not yet ready to begin its 2014 preparations.

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A number of reports suggested that the MP4-29 had previously failed some of the tests, meaning that it would not be ready to take to the track until changes had been made. When asked by, however, a McLaren spokesperson insisted that the team's situation was no different to the majority of its rivals.

"At this time of the year, it's normal for all teams to be pushing everything to the limit in an effort to extract the most performance, and crash tests are no different," the team claimed, "McLaren will pass all the tests prior to track running."

McLaren is set to conduct an online launch for the MP4-29 next Friday (24 January), making it the first to reveal its challenger, ahead of Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull, which are all set to follow in the countdown to start of the Jerez test on 28 January.