Robin Frijns is confident he will get his opportunity as a race driver with Caterham after joining the team as reserve.

Caterham announced an all-new driver line-up on Tuesday with Kamui Kobayashi and Marcus Ericsson as race drivers and Frijns as reserve. However, team owner Tony Fernandes admitted he thought long and hard about giving Frijns a race seat before opting against it. Speaking exclusively to, Frijns said he was targeting the race seat but wasn't discouraged by the role he has.

"Of course you're aiming for the best as a driver, which is normal," Frijns said. "We were working on a race seat for quite a long time but I'm happy in this position that I'm in now and I have a feeling that my time will come."

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Frijns also admitted that he spoke to a few different teams but he felt his ambition and motivation was similar to that at Caterham.

"There were only a few seats left as a race driver. When I first came here to Caterham - which was a few months ago - I came in and I felt immediately that the team was working really hard to score their first points this year because everybody knew there is pressure for Caterham to score points. It felt good, and it felt like my own experience; I really want to drive the car and really want to show people what I'm capable of. It's exactly the same here; they're working really hard to get a point. So we are on the same curve."

Looking ahead to where he may drive in FP1 this year, Frijns hopes to be able to impress on circuits he is familiar with.

"It depends on which track it is. If you go to a track like Australia which I've never been to then you need a couple of laps to get used to the track of course. And you only get one or two sets in FP1 and with the Pirellis it's two laps and then you get a drop off of one second so as a driver it's nearly impossible to get in a car and be quick immediately on a track you don't know. So I would rather drive on a track which I know and try to squeeze a good time out of there."