The FIA has announced a number of regulation changes ahead of the 2014 F1 season following the latest meeting of the World Motor Sport Council.

Arguably the biggest change going into the new campaign is a revision to the sporting regulations that will prevent drivers from stopping on their slowing down lap after a race to save fuel for post-race FIA checks.

The decision will mean teams are forced to ensure there is a bigger margin for error in terms of the amount of fuel carried in a race to make sure cars are able to successfully pass the required checks.

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It comes at a time when questions have been raised about the difficulties that teams face with new rules limiting them to a maximum of 100kg of fuel for the year ahead.

In other changes for 2014, stewards will now be able to hand out five second penalties for minor infringements, which can be taken prior to any work being carried out during a pitstop.

Team personnel will also be required to wear helmets in the pits during qualifying while teams will be given six curfew 'jokers' as opposed to two to give more flexibility to teams working on new engines and cars.

In terms of the technical regulations, the weight limit for 2014 has been increased by 1kg to 691kg to take into account the increased weight of the new Pirelli tyres, with the major technical changes being planned for 2015.

Arguably the biggest is that tyre warmers will be banned despite previous concerns from teams about being forced to go into a race on cold tyres.

However, heavier drivers will also benefit from an increase in the minimum weight limit by 10kg to 701kg.