Scuderia Ferrari principal Stefano Domenicali has called on his team to remain 'focused' throughout the 2014 Formula 1 World Championship and not allow the 'pressure' of Ferrari's reputation to distract them.

Speaking at the launch of the team's 2014 F1 contender, the F14 T, Domenicali believes the introduction of new regulations this season should be seen as an opportunity for the iconic marque to re-establish its superiority having struggled to rival Red Bull Racing in recent years.

Indeed, though Fernando Alonso would finish runner-up to Sebastian Vettel in 2013, both he and Ferrari would end the season with just two race wins and a huge deficit to the dominant German, while the team would come under regular scrutiny for the consistency and progress of its F138.

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With the new F14 T displaying the hallmarks of the new regulation changes, most notably the introduction of 1.6-litre turbocharged V6 engines and heavily revised front-end designs, Domenicali insists these challenges represent the ideal chance for Ferrari to fight-back.

"The technical challenge is, as far as far as I remember, the biggest challenge I have seen in the last decade of Formula 1. Connected to the challenge is the opportunity to make sure this is taken in the right way. We have a totally new powertrain and set of regulations that are really interesting, and must be looked at in depth to make sure we take the opportunity to the level of performance.

With this in mind, Domenicali says reliability in the early days of the season could prove a defining factor for the season ahead. With this in mind, he has called on his team to ignore the pressure of Ferrari's reputation in favour of remaining focused on the job in hand.

"The season will be very long. Therefore it is important to start with a reliable car from the beginning and to keep up the development on the dynamics side, something that was not there last year.

"I expect the first days of testing to be very challenging for everyone. There will be a lot of things to be tested and a lot of things to be checked, but the most important thing we need to avoid is to fall under the big pressure that we have. This has to be very clear, we need to stay focused on the job and make sure we do the best job that we can because the company has given to us and to the engineers everything in order to do a good job.

"Therefore, [we need] maximum concentration and to not be distracted by the enormous pressure and the enormous belief of what Ferrari represent for us and for the world of F1."