Both Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso insist that they intend to fight for this year's F1 world championship, but admit that they will be putting Ferrari first in 2014.

Speaking in a meeting with the media shortly after their new mount, the F14-T, was unveiled to the public at Maranello, the two drivers - potentially the strongest pairing on the grid and definitely Ferrari's best for several years - remained adamant that their sights were set on taking the individual crown, but not at the expense of Ferrari success should the situation dictate otherwise.

"I don't think there is any way of telling [how things will be] right now, because every situation is different - but we know what we have to do," Raikkonen, who was vocal on both sides of the 'team orders' equation while at Lotus in 2013, claimed.

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"We have said before we are going to race against each other like every year - it doesn't matter who your team-mate is. We have respect for each other but, obviously, we'll both try to come out on top. However, we know what the team expects from us and I think time will tell what happens."

Alonso has had things relatively easy in the past for years, with Ferrari quite happy to ask team-mate Felipe Massa to cede to the Spaniard if it served the team's goals. Raikkonen's return - the Finn having been turfed out to make way for Alonso at the end of 2009 - pits the Spaniard against his toughest team-mate yet, but the two-time championship winner accepts that things may be a little different this year.

"There is no way of preparing anything, or any way to answer the [team orders] question straightaway, but the best way to bring back to Ferrari some of the success it has had in the past is to race each other at 100 per cent every race and try to always bring back the points for the team and for ourselves," he explained.

"To do that, we need to work in perfect harmony and follow what the team priority is and what the team will tell us."