According to Ferrari technical director James Allison, the dramatic changes to the appearance of Ferrari's F1 contender for 2014 are nothing compared to what's going on underneath after what he calls a 'ground-up' redesign.

"Followers of the Scuderia will see some of the heritage of our earlier designs in the F14 T - the pull-rod front and rear suspensions being the most obvious example," says Allison in this latest briefing from Maranello.

"However, beyond these superficial similarities there is very little to connect this car to any of its predecessors," he continues. "Although the external changes to the appearance of the car are already substantial they are small compared to the changes that are going on beneath the skin."

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In this video talking about the F14 T's construction philosophy and the project's technical details, Allison reveals that work on the project had started over two years ago in order for the team to get the car ready for its first run this week at Jerez.

Among the changes that Allison identifies are a completely new transmission system, as well as the need to make the right trade off between the engine power of the new V6-spec power units and the car's aerodynamic effectiveness.

"It's one of the areas where it's a big advantage to have the engine and the chassis side of the car all under one roof in the same company."

"It's been an exceptional project in almost every way: long, difficult, fascinating for an engineer to be part of," he admits. "All of us in Ferrari can't wait to see it out on the track, to see it in winter testing, and then to take it to the first race. ANd then to see the red cars - the Ferraris - at the head of the grid."

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