Daniil Kvyat admits it will be a step in to the unknown for him driving the 2014 cars in pre-season testing.

Having raced in GP3 last season, Kvyat has had very limited running in the previous generation of Formula One cars. After the launch of Toro Rosso's STR9, Kvyat said he thought the driving styles would still be similar between this and last year's cars, and that he is likely to have a lot of learning to do during testing.

"Some things will change in the driving - I think it's going to be quite different - but not too much to be honest," Kvyat said. "I don't believe it's going to be like 'wow, it's a huge change'.

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"In the end you have to still drive fast to understand where is the most grip in the corner and so on and try to find your lines to optimise different phases of the corner. This is not going to change, but I still don't know what to expect exactly because I didn't drive the car really."

However, Kvyat said he isn't phased by the task ahead of him, taking inspiration from the hard work the team has put in to deliver the car in time for the start of the Jerez test.

"It's a very big challenge for everyone and to be honest I've learned to enjoy challenges and I really like this new challenge. So I hope that we did a competitive car. All the builders in our team did a fantastic job to get the car ready for this test; I know how hard they were working. I was watching closely during the car building process so it was a very big process with many people involved. Now the driving part starts, which I enjoy the most of course."