Pirelli has announced it will dedicate Friday's running at Jerez to wet tyre testing.

A change in the regulations stipulates that one day of pre-season testing must be allocated to testing wet tyres, with Pirelli opting to use the final day at the first test to run the intermediate and wet tyres. However, with rain forecast for Wednesday, Pirelli will switch days if it rains before Friday.

Motorsport director Paul Hembery also confirmed that Pirelli has brought a special winter tyre just for Jerez in order to guard against graining on the abrasive track surface.

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"The Jerez test will be very interesting as we see the 2014 cars and engines on track for the first time and how they interact with our tyres," Hembery said. "In particular, this first test is an opportunity to see how the new cars interact with our latest tyres, considering the differences between all the 2014 cars. Jerez will be an official test but also a learning experience for everyone.

"The 2014 tyres are just as different to their predecessors as the 2014 cars, with the majority of our preparation work having been carried out by using advanced data simulation, as well as real on-track testing. Last year, the teams lost some pre-season running due to excessively cold conditions in Spain: we even saw some ice on the track at one point. In order to combat this, we have developed a special 'winter' version of the hard compound. This will be used for the Jerez test only and it is designed to work effectively even in cold conditions."