Nico Rosberg has revealed that he will have a new helmet design to coincide with the new-look F1 for 2014.

The German has run with a largely yellow helmet, with silver-grey touches, since becoming a Mercedes driver five years ago, but has teased fans with the news that he will sport a different look when he debuts the #6 car this year.

Rosberg was carrying a largely matt black lid at the unveiling of Mercedes W05, although his new number was picked out in silver on the side, albeit in the Roman form 'VI as it conveniently mirrors 'N' for 'Nico' on the other side!

Rosberg also shed a little more light on the reason for choosing six as his 'number for life', admitting that his father's 1982 world championship success hadn't been enough to convince him to pick it.

"My dad wrote me an email in the winter saying it had been a lucky number for him when he became world champion, but that didn't convince me," he confirmed, "Then my fianc?e said it was her lucky number, too, so that got me thinking a bit more! And then I remembered that I won a championship with this number back in 2002. Hopefully that will be the key to an easy season!"