Lewis Hamilton says he was unfazed by the front wing failure which prematurely ended his running on the first day of testing.

Having just completed his 18th lap, Hamilton went straight on at the first corner and hit the tyre barriers at relatively high speed after his front wing came off the W05. Although unaware of the cause at the time, Hamilton played down the incident.

"It all happened too quickly to be honest," Hamilton said. "The engineers have been asking me lots of questions about it, but it happened very quickly. I got to the end of the straight, I braked and the front of the car was a little bit higher than usual and the car didn't stop, so that was it."

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Asked if he had any discomfort after the crash, Hamilton replied: "Not at the moment. There might be tomorrow."

Executive director (business) Toto Wolff said the cause of the failure is still unknown.

"Obviously it needs to be analysed," Wolff said. "This is what we're doing at the moment to see where the failure came from and we hope that it's not going to affect the rest of the week."

Hamilton's first impressions of the car were largely positive, however, with Mercedes running on a regular basis before his day was brought to an end.

"Apart from the ending it has been generally quite a positive day. We were the first ones out; after a tough winter for everyone, to be the first car on track, to have done the most laps - until we finished at least - is a hugely positive step for us. This is a testing ground, this is the place you're going to have hiccups and we'll overcome them."

Despite the major difference in regulations, Hamilton said he hadn't had to make any significant changes to his driving style.

"I was driving it the same as always, but I haven't done many laps so I was not on the limit yet."