Daniel Ricciardo says Red Bull has identified the issues which have limited its running in Jerez and will bounce back by the Bahrain tests.

Red Bull brought an early end to its time at the first test after having cooling issues and discovering a mechanical problem on Friday. The team completed a total of just 21 laps across the four days at Jerez, but Ricciardo said he is convinced the team will have rectified its problems by the second test.

"I guess time is on our side," Ricciardo said. "We do have a few weeks which is good and we know what the team is capable of. I know how hard they work - I've seen that over the past few years - so that definitely gives me a lot of optimism about it all.

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"The positives are that although we couldn't solve the issues here at the track, taking the car away from the track we know what needs to be solved. We just basically need more time to solve the issues that we had, but I think they're pretty clear in everyone's mind.

"It's just testing, we're not racing yet, we're not losing points or anything like that."

Asked by Crash.net if the first test came too soon for Red Bull, Ricciardo replied: "I don't know.

"I think for everyone it's been a tight squeeze, a tight turnaround from last year to this year. Even looking at the car and I look at it and think 'Wow, how did you guys do this in so little time?' So yeah, I guess maybe a bit of it."

Pushed on what the main issue was with the RB10, Ricciardo remained guarded but said there was a knock-on effect to problems with the new cars.

"Simply, a lot of things, but in to details I can't explain. All I can say is that the system is complex and complicated. Everything has to work, it all feeds of each other; if one thing doesn't work then three things don't work so we I guess we need a bit more time for now but I'm convinced by Bahrain we will have these problems solved."