Lewis Hamilton described the start Mercedes has made to pre-season testing after the first test at Jerez as "fantastic".

Mercedes covered the most mileage of any team by completing 309 laps over the opening four days of 2014, at least 50 more than anyone else. Having taken over the car from Nico Rosberg on Friday afternoon having seen his own track time limited slightly by a front wing failure on Tuesday, Hamilton said he is delighted with the way the year has started.

"It's been a fantastic week," Hamilton said. "We've done a lot of laps - today 130-odd laps - so that is a huge accomplishment.

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"We didn't really make any improvements, the car has been the same since we started, but just to get the amount of mileage that we have has been very encouraging ... That's really the biggest positive we can take from here; the car is reliable and we will continue to grow stronger."

Asked for his response to Bernie Ecclestone's comments that the situation in testing has been a "total farce", Hamilton was keen not to judge the new engines and regulations prematurely.

"It's too early to say at the moment. Our car feels pretty good but we've got work to do like every year. So it just seems like a new challenge and sometimes that is what is needed."