Kamui Kobayashi says Renault arrived at the first pre-season test at Jerez behind schedule and that problems were not unexpected.

Caterham was one of three teams running a Renault engine in Jerez, and it accounted for more than half of the 151 laps that they managed in total, with Toro Rosso managing 54 and Red Bull only 25. Caterham's running was still heavily limited by problems with the new power unit but Kobayashi was unfazed by the setback having been warned Renault had been delayed over the winter.

"I'm not worried, they have done the best job for the last couple of years," Kobayashi said. "They already mentioned before coming here that they were quite a lot behind on the program, so when I asked them if they were surprised about this result they said 'no, because we are behind schedule'. So we have to work for these two weeks with this data and then we'll see how much they improve in Bahrain. If at the Bahrain test everything is well then I think I'll be pretty happy.

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"It's very important for everybody to work in these two weeks. Especially for the Renault engine, for us, for Red Bull, everybody I think is the same; missing a lot of mileage."

Despite the challenge that lies ahead before the Bahrain test, Kobayashi says he has already settled in well at Caterham in order to get down to work, with a number of familiar faces in the team.

"I know the guys well, with many guys coming from Toyota. They know how I work and I know how they work, so I think communication is very good already. I've just been working very hard to get all the feedback together and shared with each other. It's quite exciting but unfortunately the data is not enough. It's very limited data but we just give maximum information.

"We only have two weeks without driving and we have very limited data so it's very difficult but we have to sort all the problems for the next test."