Daniil Kvyat says he has needed to become more mature to give him the best chance of a successful debut season in F1.

Fresh from winning the GP3 championship last year, Kvyat steps up to race for Toro Rosso in 2014, replacing Daniel Ricciardo who has moved to Red Bull. While Kvyat has only tested an F1 car on four occasions, speaking in Jerez he insisted that he is ready for his rookie season and knew what he had to work on over the winter.

"Your career always prepares you for these kinds of steps," Kvyat said. "You obviously have to become more mature to be able to look after so many things in Formula One. I'm not only talking about driving - because obviously we've got so many different switches on the steering wheel - but apart from that you have to deal with a lot of people around you."

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Having failed to run at all on his first scheduled day in the car at Jerez, Kvyat said there was still some benefit to him simply spending time with his engineers at this early stage in his career.

"We tried to check my driving position to see and double check that everything is fine. We spent some time with my engineer talking about the future settings and so on; we're still getting to know each other which is quite important."