Felipe Massa says the introduction of double points for the final race of the season is "a crazy thing" that can't yet be judged.

The season finale in Abu Dhabi will count double in an attempt to maintain championship interest late in to the season off the back of falling television figures. Massa - who would have won the 2008 world championship under such a rule - admits it is a strange regulation to bring in but says it can only be criticised or praised once it has been tried and tested.

"Honestly, maybe it's bad, maybe it's good, it depends," Massa said. "If it helps it's always good, you know? If I had these double points on my championship then I was going to be champion."

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Asked if he would like to win that way, Massa said: "No. I don't know. Maybe it can be worse now.

"I think it's impossible to say it's a stupid thing, a good thing or a bad thing before. It's a crazy thing, you know, but maybe it's interesting and we will see. To be honest when we have a very good championship it can even help, but if we don't have a good championship it doesn't change anything to be honest."