Esteban Gutierrez wants to be Sauber's team leader as he begins his second season in Formula One.

In 2013, Nico Hulkenberg comprehensively outperformed Gutierrez throughout the season, but he has since left the team to re-join Force India. Gutierrez will have Adrian Sutil as a team-mate instead this season, and he said his main goal in his second yeah will be to become Sauber's number one driver.

"First of all, with the experience that I have I want to be a team leader," Gutierrez said. "I want to fulfil my expectations. At the moment it is very tricky to say precise expectations because we don't know as a team where we are. It's very difficult to compare and very difficult to bring up a specific goal but overall I want to make 2014 very successful for the team and also for myself.

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"The approach is very different this year and I have the confidence and everything to push on the limit."

Despite Sutil boasting an extra five seasons' worth of experience from his time at Force India and Spyker, Gutierrez said he still feels he can be the one that takes the team forward.

"I spent some time in the factory with him and we've always had a smooth relationship. It's OK, it's been good; obviously I don't know how he works and his way of working - I will see when he's testing - but it will be an interesting season.

"He has a lot of experience but obviously if I see him in sight then I'm going to go for it. I'm going to try and be a team leader, not only on the results but also on the human side so that we can have the right evolution that we are expecting."