Nico Rosberg says Mercedes is exceeding its own expectations in terms of reliability so far in testing.

Although Rosberg twice stopped on track during the second day of the second pre-season test in Bahrain, he still managed to complete 85 laps on another productive day for Mercedes. Although comparisons are still hard to draw, Rosberg praised the team for the way it has performed in the first test and a half.

"It has been because we're better than expected in terms of reliability just compared to our own expectation," Rosberg said. "We thought it would be even more difficult, and so from that point of view we're pleased because everybody has done a good job to make this car relatively reliable to start off with; reliable in a way that at least we can do a lot of laps and we can start to see the little problems, and also start to work on performance."

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Having been so pleased with the amount of running that Mercedes has done, Rosberg confirmed the next step was to focus on performance.

"The first part of the testing was for reliability and that was very important. I think we did a decent job on that, always getting a lot of laps done and really starting to understand where our weaknesses are on the car and where we need to work on. So that's been OK, then performance is obviously the most important but we don't really know where we are yet on performance; that we need to wait and see."

And Rosberg added that he had been able to be aggressive with his car during the second day in Bahrain.

"We've started working on the set-up and today from that point of view was a good day for me because I felt at home in the car. I was comfortable and I was able to attack, so that was a nice feeling."