Esteban Gutierrez is hopeful Sauber can fix its braking issues by the end of the final Bahrain test.

Sauber has been struggling with the new brake-by-wire system so far during testing, with early problems in Jerez carrying over to the second test in Bahrain. Speaking exclusively to at the Bahrain International Circuit, Gutierrez said the issues were proving tricky to solve in a prime example of the complexity of the new regulations.

"It's all related to the software," Gutierrez said. "It's related to the way that Ferrari and the team side are setting the software parameters so that they can match each other. [Fixing it] will help the driveability of certain reactions in the car and all the systems in general."

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Having been hampered by braking system in previous tests, Gutierrez said the team had a lot of work to do to get the C33 completely ready for a full race weekend.

"These four days are really important. It's important to put the car where it should be, where we expect to be for Melbourne and to really have the proper running that we need in order to be prepared for the race situation and for the qualifying situation. Then we can have our strategy very well placed."

And Gutierrez added that one area Sauber is seeing progress is with performance from the Ferrari power unit.

"There are some updates related to the engine side; nothing specific but overall it's getting the small things together which will put us in a more controllable situation."