Max Chilton says Marussia has a good chance of scoring its first point this season and admits it would mean "everything" if he were to score it.

Marussia has yet to score in any of its four seasons in F1 so far, with 2013 marking the first year that it had finished 10th in the constructors' championship thanks to a 13th place in the Malaysian Grand Prix. However, the team's new car looks more competitive, thanks in part to a switch from Cosworth to a Ferrari power unit.

Asked what it would mean for him to score the first point for Marussia, Chilton replied: "Everything.

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"Last year my goal was purely to get that first point. Unfortunately we didn't get it, we came close. Last year we said it was our best year to do it, but now this really is our best year to do it because the rule changes have completely stirred everything up.

"But if we're going to do it then we need to do it in the first few races, and that's why I've got myself so ready over the winter. And these first four races represent our best chance of doing that.

"We're not a team that can bolt on updates every other race, so we'd like to think our best chance is early on. That's not to say we're not going to do it in the last race of the year. But people will definitely be getting things wrong in the first few races, and if we can capitalise on that and I can bring the car home then we could be celebrating together."

And Chilton said his belief that Marussia could score a point this year was based on the step forward it has made with its 2014 car.

"I think the package is fantastic, it's definitely our best package so far. When you've got a whole Ferrari rear end and a further developed car it's definitely our best car so far. Reliability, OK at the moment it hasn't been fantastic and that's why we did limited mileage, but the reliability isn't major issues, it's just little problems that take ages to find which everyone else has been having.

"If we can work out those little issues - which we seemed to in Bahrain - then we can try to continue our amazing reliability which we had last year."