Romain Grosjean thinks Lotus is somewhere in the midfield on pace after a poor day of Friday practice for the Australian Grand Prix.

Having sat out the whole first session with an oil leak in the gearbox and then a software issue, Grosjean managed just 12 laps in FP2 and was four seconds off the best time set by Lewis Hamilton. Grosjean said the lack of pace has something to do with how difficult the car is to handle at present, but feels there is a little more to come this weekend.

"It was hard to drive," Grosjean said. "I think we have to learn a lot of things. It's not yet where we would like to be so we will try to test a few things for tomorrow. We didn't do a qualy mode or a qualy lap whatsoever so there is a little bit there; there is a little bit of fuel and so on but we are maybe mid-pack.

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"It's not exactly where we want to be. There are a thousand things that we want to test on the car, things that broke that shouldn't have broken so everything is a little bit slow and takes time."

Expanding on the problems that Lotus is facing, Grosjean said some were new and some were recurring issues.

"I think it was a little bit of everything. We brought some updates but nothing too crazy engine-wise because there's things we can't change. So I don't know exactly the details for everything, I just know that we had problems and we are not on top of everything right now. That's the price you pay for the fact that you didn't do much mileage in winter testing."

However, Grosjean didn't attribute any of those issues to a late crash when he hit the wall at Turn 6, saying: "I believe that was a broken rear suspension."