Fernando Alonso says Ferrari needs "to do everything to perfection" to be successful in the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Ferrari's one-lap pace in Malaysia was impressive, with Kimi Raikkonen less than 0.1s off the fastest time of FP2 and Alonso himself within 0.2s. However, Mercedes - having dominated the Australian Grand Prix - again looked strong over a race distance and Alonso said Ferrari couldn't not afford to be anywhere under its maximum potential if it wants to score a good result.

"Everything went well, with no reliability problems and we managed to do a fair number of laps, enough to get a good understanding of the tyres, which will be a very important factor here because of the high temperatures," Alonso said. "The Hard compound seems to stand up better over a long run, but it's still too early to talk about qualifying and race strategy. For now, the only thing one can be sure of is the need to do everything to perfection."

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Alonso also warned that Friday's running was less representative than in previous years due to the new regulations.

"We are on a learning curve, which is not unusual for the start of a championship and, to find out how competitive we are, as usual we will have to wait until Saturday and Sunday. Usually, Friday is a very confusing day, because everyone is working on their own programmes, but this year it's even more the case because of all the new elements."