Sebastian Vettel is hopeful he can take the fight to Mercedes on Sunday in the 2014 F1 Malaysian Grand Prix, although he is more than aware that Red Bull don't currently have the best package.

Vettel will line-up second on the grid for the second round in the 2014 F1 World Championship, having successfully split the two Mercedes in a rain lashed qualifying at the Sepang International Circuit.

Indeed in the end, the four-time F1 World Champion missed out on pole position by just 0.055 seconds and he is now looking forward to the race.

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"I think we always have a chance to beat everyone," Vettel told reporters in Sepang, when asked if he can challenge Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. "That is why we are here. In terms of package, they [Mercedes] have the most competitive package. Lewis isn't messing around and equally Nico is doing a very good job. It is difficult to beat them on the day, but not impossible."

"It would be quite sad to wake up in the morning thinking you can only finish second or fifth or eighth. So, we are here to win. We know that in the rain anything is possible. Maybe the performance of the car is not that important compared to normal dry conditions. We will see what happens tomorrow. We will race at the same time. I think there is no rain, or not so much rain forecast. But there is always a chance around here.

"Yesterday was good, and I think today was good [too]. It should be a good race. I am keen to find out where we stand. I obviously haven't done a race distance since last year, but I'm looking forward to tomorrow [and the race]."

Quizzed on the current pecking order, Vettel reiterated that he thinks Mercedes is in a class of its own.

"As a team, I think, Mercedes has the best package. They have done a very good job across the break. Obviously with the new rules there was a lot of work. They are the favourites at the moment. No matter where we go," he continued. "After that it is fairly close between the other Mercedes' powered teams and probably Ferrari and us. We are all similar, depending on the day, the conditions etc, etc. But it is difficult to judge. We have only done one and a half race weekends. But I am very happy because we had a bad winter.

"The team is fired up and the guys are pushing flat-out. I cannot imagine how they must have felt [during winter testing]. It was very tough. We didn't run a lot.

"They had a lot of jobs to do on the car, a lot of work. But now they are happier. It has paid off bit by bit, although we still have a way to go..."