Felipe Massa believes he definitely made the right decision to ignore team orders late in the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Having been stuck behind Jenson Button's McLaren for a number of laps, Massa was told to allow team-mate Valtteri Bottas through to attack the McLaren on fresher tyres. However, Massa opted not to move over and instead continued to hold off Bottas to the flag while trying to attack Button. Ultimately, neither Williams was able to pass the McLaren and came home in seventh and eighth.

Asked how the team had reacted to his decision, Massa replied: "No problem at all.

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"I heard everything so it was not clear [that Bottas was much faster]. What I did was correct and I'm trying to do my best for the team and that's the most important thing. Today I am sure the result would not change even if I let him by, so it's the same. What I did - in my opinion - was correct.

"I am doing everything I can to help the team to improve the car, to give as much experience as I can to the team. The team respects me 100% and they showed they respect me after the race as well so I have no problem at all. What's happened today, for sure it was maybe not what I expected but what I did was correct."

Explaining what had been said between himself and the team, Massa said the strength of the McLaren's traction led him to believe Bottas would have not been able to pass Button either.

"We had a meeting and I said what I think, what is right, everything is clear, and I have no regrets for what I did in the race. It was a shame not to get in front of the McLaren but it was a positive outcome. Now we just think about the next race, the car should be more competitive in Bahrain than here."

"The fight between us was close, and with Button that was close too. I had no chance to overtake Button just as Valtteri had no chance to get past me. I lost too much out of corners [to the McLaren]."

Asked if it was hard hearing the words "Valtteri is faster than you", Massa admitted: "A bit, but don't worry I'm not disappointed to be honest.

"For me the race today was positive for the team - that's important - and I have zero disappointment."