This weekend's Bahrain Grand Prix is set to be a much easier challenge for Pirelli as a result of the timing of the race.

In previous years, track temperatures have soared to over 50C amid very high ambient temperatures in the Bahrain desert. However, to mark 10 years of the race, this year the grand prix will start at 6pm local time and run from dusk in to darkness under floodlights.

Speaking to exclusively, when it was put to Hembery that the later start would help Pirelli, he replied: "It's a good point.

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"The last three years it's probably been the most extreme race from many points of view, certainly after Turkey disappeared in 2011. So it does from that point of view - when the sun goes down [In Bahrain] you lose 10 to 15 degrees almost instantly, so yes it does take away a big temperature challenge."

Asked if the bigger challenge would now be for the teams to get the tyres working in a wide range of temperatures, Hembery replied: "Probably for them, yes. Between qualifying and the race, definitely."