Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas have offered differing view of the situation at Williams after their team orders row in Malaysia.

With Jenson Button holding both Williams' cars up, Massa was asked to move over for Bottas to allow his team-mate to attack the McLaren. However, Massa failed to do so, saying he didn't feel it would have made any difference to the end result. With the issue having been discussed further internally since Sepang, Massa believes the team made "a mistake" in its handling of the situation and claimed there had not been enough planning for such a situation.

"No, this scenario was not discussed before the championship, definitely," Massa said. "Anyway, what happened in the last race was a mistake... It was a mistake what happened at the last race and this will come from the team as well, not just myself.

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"What happened at the last race was not correct, and I'm sure the team thinks that too about what's happened. I know everything was clear on the table; I put my ideas on the table with everybody inside the team. I think that's the most important thing. Going in to detail about this and that now would not be the right thing. The right thing is to speak inside and I spoke and I have no problems to say.

"What I did in the last race for me was the correct thing to do. For sure I'm a very professional driver - I always was - and I will carry on being very professional, doing my best for my team but doing the correct thing as well and doing the best for myself as well. We know that we need to do the best for the team all the time but definitely I race for myself as well and my career is definitely very important to me."

In contrast to Massa's comments, when asked if the team had spoken to the drivers about team orders before the start of the season, Bottas replied: "Yes they have.

When it was put to Bottas that Massa had said differently, he replied: "There has been discussions.

"I think the last time before the race was just in a meeting just before the race."

However, Bottas agreed that the situation could have been handled in a better way by the team.

"I think it's clear that as a team there were some things that could have done better in Malaysia but we will learn from it ... maybe it could have been done in a bit of a different way or maybe a better explanation of the situation that I could have a go on Button and if I can't do it then he would get his position back or something like that. We will know for the future."