Sebastian Vettel says he has been impressed by the speed and conduct of new Red Bull Racing team-mate Daniel Ricciardo following the opening two rounds of the 2014 Formula 1 season.

Though Red Bull endured a troubled time during pre-season testing, Ricciardo's run to the podium during his first outing with the team in Australia (prior to his exclusion for a technical infringement) and another positive, if ultimately unrewarding, performance in Malaysia has impressed many, least of all Vettel.

Indeed, the German, who had a famously fractious relationship with his former team-mate Mark Webber, says Ricciardo's efforts in Australia were particularly noteworthy given he didn't commit a single error in occasionally difficult conditions.

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"I can only consider Australia and Malaysia, because we were so up and down in testing, but he put a very strong weekend on in Australia, not just because of where he finished in the race, but the whole weekend he made no mistakes and didn't go off track.

"He had a very good qualifying session in difficult conditions, especially at Albert Park where it is slippery, and then had a good weekend in Malaysia."

Touching upon whether he thinks Ricciardo will be a wheel-to-wheel rival, Vettel says he expects there to be days when the Australian will be faster than him.

"You don't know what to expect from a new guy but I was sure he would try everything to give me the hardest time possible and that's what he has delivered.

"He has done a very good job. There will be days where he will be quicker and I will not be happy, but from my point of view I will try to live with those and from his point of view he will want to make sure they happen very often, but that is the normal battle with team-mates.

"I am very happy to race him on track and I'm sure it'll happen that will fight for the same piece of track."