Nico Rosberg says he is working on understanding the gap to Lewis Hamilton at last weekend's Malaysian Grand Prix because "there are some very strange things going on".

Hamilton beat Rosberg by 17 seconds in Sepang to take his first win of the season, with Rosberg having to hold off Sebastian Vettel during the middle part of the race. While he said he throttled off to the tune of three seconds on the final lap, Rosberg admits he is not happy with the result both in terms of position and the gap and has been trying to find out the reasons for it.

"There's been a big analysis because I want to win and not come second," Rosberg said. "Second is the first loser and I don't want to be a loser! It's been a big analysis, reviewing everything, going in to detail about everything, taking out bits and pieces and learned a lot. This morning especially I had a big sit down with everybody and learned a lot of things.

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"There are a lot of things on my side that I can do better and there's things where there are still question marks that we don't fully understand; there are some very strange things going on where we think 'What's going on there? That doesn't look right...' Tyre temperatures for example. So we are still analysing that. Then some other things that are really a group effort just to try and step it up again."

Asked if the rear tyre temperatures were a reason for his pace relative to Hamilton, Rosberg explained: "That's the thing we don't really understand yet because I was taking care of them a lot and they were high so we're still reviewing that."

However, Rosberg admitted he is enjoying having the fastest car on the grid for the first time in his career.

"It's really good, a really, really good feeling. It's great. I've never had that before in F1; I can come to a track where I know I have got the best car and I can win the race. So it's a great feeling, great momentum to be a part of the whole momentum that we have as a team and it's a special moment."