Lewis Hamilton is certain he and Nico Rosberg will have no issues managing their relationship if they become involved in a title battle with one another.

Mercedes has started the season as the dominant force, with Rosberg winning comfortably in Australia and Hamilton following suit last weekend in Malaysia. However, Hamilton believes the significance of the friendship between the two drivers is overstated and is sure that past experience proves the two drivers will have no problem fighting each other for the championship.

"It's very simple," Hamilton said. "People have been constantly talking about us being friends and that sort of stuff; Nico and myself I'm sure, as everyone, we can count our friends on one hand. Nico doesn't come in those five friends that I have and I don't come in the five friends that he has.

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"We're colleagues, we've known each other for a long time - longer than probably any of the drivers knows the other drivers - we have a great amount of respect, we work in the same team, we have a great working relationship. We've raced since we were kids, been team-mates, been at the front of the championship in the past several times in karting and through different championships, so it was no different then as it is now."

Hamilton described his Mercedes as "the best car I've ever driven" in Malaysia, and explained that the feeling was due to the way the whole team worked with the W05.

"It's obviously not downforce! It's a combination of things. It's the set-up, it's the way you're able to set it up, it's the technology that's on the car, it's the engineers, it's the mechanics, it's everything. Collectively it's a really well put together package. I keep a really close eye on all the cars and how it's built and how they come together; I'm really impressed with how the engineers have packed this car together.

"Every team does it but how they squeeze all these components in and build it. The mechanics take the engine off and in taking the engine off they've got to unplug God knows how many leads and put it back on exactly the same without it faltering. I think it's fascinating and that's the side of Formula One that doesn't get shown enough."