Kevin Magnussen has played down his input of the clash that hampered by his and Kimi Raikkonen's race in the Malaysian Grand Prix, suggesting the Ferrari driver simply closed the gap without realising he was there.

Raikkonen finished outside the points due to a time consuming puncture at Sepang, caused by contact with the following Magnussen at turn one.

However, while Raikkonen was fairly vocal about Magnussen's 'big error' after the race, the Danish rookie played down his part in the incident, insisting his rival running wide simply saw him squeeze into a gap unintentionally before the Ferrari closed the door again.

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"I don't feel I was aggressive," he said. "The mistake I made was that when Kimi went wide I should have judged the situation better and think that he may not have seen me. So when he comes back to join the line I am there and I should have known that he may not have seen me.

"I just kept my normal racing line and that meant I ran into a gap I didn't intend to, so when he came back on line we touched. I tried to avoid him by going on the kerb but I should have braked earlier."

Despite the incident, Magnussen - who scored a podium on his F1 debut in Australia - went on to finish ninth in Sepang.