Fernando Alonso says racing in F1 is still exciting despite the slower lap times and new regulations in 2014.

New power units and aerodynamic regulations have seen lap times drop significantly in 2014, while drivers are also limited in terms of fuel and fuel flow. The new regulations have come in for some criticism, with Sebastian Vettel calling the sound "sh*t" last weekend and Sergio Perez saying the Malaysian Grand Prix was "boring". However, asked if the racing was boring or exciting for him, Alonso said testing himself against his fellow drivers was always a thrill.

"Still exciting because at the end of the day you are competing against the others," Alonso said. "That is the DNA of the driver, the competition, if we drive go-karts we enjoy so much and we are driving at 50km/h with very hard tyres and sliding everywhere and we keep enjoying that race.

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"It is not a problem of excitement, it is just that the cars are too slow. The fastest lap in Malaysia in 1:34.7 with [Sebastian] Vettel some years ago and [Lewis] Hamilton did a 1:43.0, so that's nine seconds. And behind the wheel when you drive nine seconds slower you don't enjoy as much as driving the fast car.

"As far as it is the same for everybody, and you compete against the others you keep enjoying it but for drivers like me or Kimi [Raikkonen] or Jenson [Button] who drove another F1, not better or worse, you will miss some of those cars."

However, Alonso did admit that the physical challenge had decreased to such an extent that he didn't even need a drinks bottle in Malaysia.

"Definitely. I remember going to Malaysia and having very specific preparation and from Saturday doing a lot of strange things to get hydrated. Don't get me wrong, but we had some specific training programme etc, and now they asked me on Saturday, 'Do you want a drink system on the car?' And I said 'No, I don't want.' I don't even sweat sometimes. So I had the Malaysia race even without the drink system. It's not necessary any more."