Pastor Maldonado was limited to just 16 laps on the first day of the Bahrain in-season test as more power unit issues affected Lotus.

The team had some aerodynamic tests planned followed by some performance work, and after a slow start managed to complete a few short runs before lunch. However, Maldonado never returned to the track in the afternoon session and confirmed to in Bahrain that it was another issue with the Renault power unit which curtailed his running.

"It was a problem around the engine," Maldonado said. "Still they are working hard to know better. Again it's some issues around the power unit and the complex stuff."

Asked if the team was testing any engine updates on Tuesday, Maldonado said it had been in the original run plan.

"Something in the software but in the end we've not been able to test it because this morning we've been more focused on the aero and we were supposed to test some different things in the engine as well."

However, Maldonado doesn't believe Renault has any more major issues and expects the latest problem to be a one-off.

"I think the problems are sorted because last week we had been so good to be honest. We had no problems through the weekend, a good Friday, a good Saturday and a good Sunday. Here, maybe it's a mistake or whatever, I don't know. We need to check what happened in there with the Renault guys.

"Testing is for this; we don't want to lose time during the races and sometimes it's better to be on track but it's not affecting us that much to be honest. Tomorrow we have another day so I hope Romain [Grosjean] can continue with the plan and hopefully it's a better day for the team."