Valtteri Bottas is sure Williams hasn't missed its best chance of success this season after failing to finish on the podium in the opening three races.

Williams looked the strongest team behind Mercedes in pre-season testing but was hampered by wet qualifying sessions in both Australia and Malaysia which left it out of position and unable to challenge at the front. Bahrain offered a dry qualifying and Bottas took full advantage to start from third on the grid but tyre issues and a safety car period meant Felipe Massa and himself were restricted to seventh and eighth respectively.

However, Bottas is confident Williams will keep up in the development race and remain competitive. Asked by after testing in Bahrain if he felt the best chance of a podium had gone, Bottas replied: "Not really, no.

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"I think we still had a good race. It could have been much better. The much bigger tyre degradation had us over a bit and we had to do a three-stop strategy. The safety car in the end came at the worst time for us so we lost a few places there. So I'm confident we can keep improving. Big steps I'm sure everyone will do but I really trust that we can improve."

And despite completing just 28 laps on Tuesday during testing, Bottas says Williams still made good progress.

"We got all the priority stuff done in the morning so actually the morning session until lunch went exactly like we planned. We got some interesting aero tests done, some new bits to try as well as some mechanical changes in the set-up; quite big changes that you normally wouldn't normally do on a race weekend because you're usually focusing more on fine-tuning the set-up.

"So the morning was really good and hopefully it will help us in the next few races. Obviously the afternoon wasn't that good for us. We had several issues with the car in the end and we thought it was better to try to fix those properly.

"We know something but I can't really say that much. It was a few problems, nothing too serious but something that takes enough time and would have really compromised the afternoon."

However, none of the new parts focused on addressing the tyre degradation issues which hurt Williams in the Bahrain Grand Prix.

"These bits not yet really just for that; it was more like overall performance of the car, more downforce. Some set-up changes, mechanically we tried some things for that, but we still know the areas to improve."