Daniel Ricciardo says Red Bull is "rapidly improving" its reliability and is surprised to see Lotus having such trouble with a Renault power unit.

Lotus completed just 32 laps across the two days of testing in Bahrain, with Romain Grosjean branding the latest engine issues as "not acceptable". However, speaking to Crash.net after the end of running on Wednesday, Ricciardo said he wasn't concerned that Renault's issues could crop up at Red Bull and expressed his surprise that another team was facing so much trouble.

"It's obviously not nice to see it and I sort of struggle to understand why they're having so many issues," Ricciardo said. "We've had a pretty good run since testing, still had one or two little issues here or there but it doesn't seem anything to the extent of them. I'm not really sure what the difference is but it's fair to say we've still got some reliability stuff to improve. But I think we're rapidly improving and I'm surprised they've still got the issues they do."

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Speaking of Red Bull's own issues, Ricciardo said he wasn't concerned by the problems the team had encountered on Wednesday.

"It was a slow start. We had a few problems this morning; nothing to hide we just couldn't get out on time and then we had a few other issues with the car. So that put the programme back, we had a lot of testing to do, a lot of stuff for the aero guys but we just postponed that to the afternoon. It meant that we missed out some long runs this afternoon but gathering data for the guys back at the factory was more important and we did that.

"It's not worrying, just a few technical glitches which took time. I think they knew what the issue was but it was just a matter of getting inside the car and fixing it and reconnecting it I guess. It just took time unfortunately, but we knew what it was."

On the laps he did complete, Ricciardo said pace had not been the focus of Red Bull's running.

"[It was] just aero stuff. Yesterday was more mechanical changes we were doing and today was all data gathering for the aero guys. I'll let them get back to the factory and get on their laptops and have a look how it all was. For me it was just a lot of procedure stuff today and not really paying attention to the timesheets."