Felipe Nasr says he used the tyre test in Bahrain on Wednesday for his own F1 development as much as Pirelli's.

Both Williams and Mercedes were solely testing tyres for Pirelli on the final day of the first in-season test, with Nasr and Lewis Hamilton in each car. While Hamilton admitted it was not a programme he had enjoyed, Nasr told Crash.net his lack of experience meant he was constantly learning about the car and the tyres as the day went on.

"It was interesting for me to do a tyre test in a Formula One car," Nasr said. "Previously I've only ever done one in British Formula 3. So it was interesting to see without touching the set-up of the car how much a tyre can compromise the car or help you in a few areas. So it was good to see this and have these feelings through the day through different tyres."

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And Nasr admitted there were still plenty of ways he could impress the team during the tyre test even if it was Pirelli which was dictating the schedule.

"The pace is when you have the good tyres on, but for sure Pirelli wouldn't tell me. The feeling I had it didn't seem like I had the soft tyre with loads of grip; I never had that feeling so probably was going through different programmes. It was interesting for me to know how things work, how it affects the warm-up, how it affects the balance of the car...

"Also to show the team my feedback and to go in to detail on everything, it was pretty much that [where you could impress]. Of course I want to drive faster and quicker but we need to have all of the package for that."