Pirelli has announced its tyre choices for the next three F1 races in Spain, Monaco and Canada.

In Spain, Pirelli has nominated its hard and medium tyres, the two hardest tyres in the range.

"The Montmelo circuit is well known for putting high-energy loads through the tyres, while ambient temperatures can also be notable at the Spanish Grand Prix. Tarmac roughness is quite high, and the tyres on the left-hand side are particularly stressed," Pirelli explained.

Meanwhile, for Monaco and Canada, respectively a street circuit and a semi-permanent facility, the two softest tyres in the range will be used - the soft and supersoft, the latter making its 2014 debut in Monte Carlo.

"Monaco is the slowest circuit on the calendar, which is very twisty with smooth asphalt, and also relies heavily on mechanical grip from the tyres. This makes it the perfect place for the supersoft with its rapid warm-up to make its 2014 debut, in combination with the soft," Pirelli added.

"Canada is another circuit that is very reliant on mechanical grip, with the race frequently held in cool temperatures. As a result, the soft and supersoft is once again the ideal choice. Traction and braking are the main characteristics of the lap."