Christian Horner believes Red Bull has "a very strong case" ahead of its appeal against Daniel Ricciardo's exclusion from the Australian Grand Prix.

Ricciardo was stripped of his second place in Melbourne after the FIA found his car to have consistently exceeded the maximum fuel flow rate of 100kg per hour. However, Red Bull maintains that Ricciardo's fuel flow sensor was faulty and that it can prove he was always complying with the fuel flow regulation, despite the team ignoring the FIA's advice at the time to reduce the rate.

With the appeal set to be heard on Monday, Horner said the way the following races have unfolded have helped to strengthen Red Bull's case.

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"Those points are vital, every point is vital," Horner said.

"We believe we've a very strong case. As more races have progressed issues have become more evident, new evidence has come to light, new understandings have come to light. Hopefully we can present our case fairly and get the second place Daniel deserves from Melbourne."

Ricciardo himself told in Bahrain that he had already come to terms with losing his second place and feels he has nothing to lose from the appeal.