Gene Haas has confirmed he wants to get an F1 experienced driver on board to help them learn the ropes when the new US-based team enters the sport.

"Ideally, what I think we'd like would be to have an experienced Formula 1 driver. Probably someone who is familiar with the current engine package rules. They change quite a bit even from last year," Haas confirmed in a press conference on Monday, convened following confirmation last week that 'Haas Formula' has been awarded a Formula 1 entry license by the FIA [see separate story - HERE]

"Then going forward we'd certainly like to have a young American driver. That would be the ideal situation," Haas continued.

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"But at the moment we haven't really narrowed it down.

"I know we've had quite a few people talk to us or send in applications. But we haven't - we don't have anything [sorted] at the moment."