Lewis Hamilton says he is hoping to have more races like the Bahrain Grand Prix after watching the race again before China.

Fresh from a comfortable victory in Malaysia, Hamilton had to fight team-mate Nico Rosberg hard in Bahrain before making it back-to-back wins. Reflecting on that result, Hamilton said he had watched highlights of the race between grands prix and hopes there will be similarly close battles on more occasions this year.

"Yeah, it was quite an exciting race," Hamilton said. "I got to spend some time at home with the family at the weekend and we watched the highlights. It was quite interesting to see the duel between each team and between team-mates. As I said it was a bit more like a go-kart race. Whether or not it will always be like that... that was a great race, I hope there are more races like that through the year."

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Expanding on the karting reference, Hamilton said the difference in tyre compounds had helped to encourage close racing.

"Yeah, it is [strange to compare karting and F1]. You don't see it too often. Obviously in karting you don't have downforce, you just have mechanical grip, so it is more exciting in general. But to have the staggered tyres, difference between different cars enabling that racing in the last race was quite unique."